BEST SERVICE has been founded in 1960 in Izmir, Turkey by Tuncay Soykal. and since 32 years applying by Okan Soykal. This is a 52 years experience family business.
BEST SERVICE is authorized and techical repair and service of home appliances such
As refrigerators, washers, air-conditioners world brands Samsung ,LG , Miele, WhiteWestinghouse, General Electric , Amana., Whirlpool etc...
BEST SERVICE is a professional exporter and importer of such industrial equipment as a
Filojet Bottled water dispensing system,
Filojet Bottled water dispensing pump
Filojet Bottled water pump system
Filojet Water dispensing pump system
Filojet Water dispensing system and releted accessories.
We have specialized workers and enginers for repair and overhold the appliances..
We have over 15.000 customers that is recorded at our system. From first day to today we are giving Best Service to our customers as our name BEST SERVICE. We are a good partner with our customers and we have family business partners all over the world such as a factory and distributors.
If you are interested abaut FILOJET Bottled Water Dispensing System,
Best Service is the wright-trust company with work and make a best business.
Yours Sincerely,
Okan Soykal General Manager




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